We have chosen never to live alone. A Missionary of Africa always lives in community. Preaching about brotherly love is done primarily by the example of community life, bringing together brothers and priests from different backgrounds, cultures, ages and sensitivities. All are united in the same enthusiasm for the Gospel. Together, we live, pray and work. This starts from the beginning of our formation programme (since our foundation in 1868).

In an action-filled life, prayer is listening, praising, offering, seeking and discerning the Will of God. Our days are regulated by periods of community prayer (Eucharist, Lauds and Vespers), periods of personal, silent prayer, and periods of restoring our inner strength by Bible or other readings. Together, we are co-responsible for accomplishing a mission. We do not picture having personal projects. All our commitments are submitted to the community by means of the weekly house council where we draw up and assess all our activities. Living in community, is to spread the load of our work together and mutually share what we experience.

According to the Spirit of Jesus, our lifestyle must be simple and in solidarity with Africa, which is suffering and struggling to free itself. Consequently, in community, we limit ourselves to the essentials required to live, work and share. “Jesus did not come to set up structures or organize projects. He came to meet little ones simply and fraternally.” In his footsteps, we give priority to meeting with others in their uniqueness. Meeting with others is to believe they are loved by God and saved in Jesus. Meeting with others is to love unreservedly; to admire the action of God in their culture; to seek the truth with them and struggle for recognition of all their rights. Meeting with others is to forgive and seek forgiveness. It is to watch for the right time to pray together.